www.Myconversevisit.com – Converse Consumer Feedback Survey

www.Myconversevisit.com – American brand Converse is an athletic and lifestyle footwear brand founded in 1908 by Marquis Mills Converse in Malden, Massachusetts.

www.Myconversevisit.com - Converse Consumer Feedback Survey

www.Myconversevisit.com – Converse Consumer Feedback Survey

One of the oldest footwear brands manufactures a range of particular footwear and is known for its good performance.

Execution in producing quality footwear and even is a favorite company for many of the known celebrities such as Rihana and Snoop Dogg.

The converse consumer feedback survey is a set of questionnaires found at www.Myconversevisit.com.

There is a set of questions that is produced by converse to report about customer satisfaction after they have purchased from the store.

The converse is designed to provide customer satisfaction and also to improve the product and service through customer reviews and feedback.

The feedback from your side will be used to refine and improve the quality and service provided. The survey is conducted for the upliftment of the company and also to satisfy customer needs accordingly.

The converse consumer feedback enhances our company and also you get a chance to win a coupon by participating in the survey.

www.Myconversevisit.com - Converse Consumer Feedback Survey

Survey Requirements

Basic requirements while you are participating in the survey conducted by Converse –

  • The participant participating in the survey must have internet access and a laptop to take part in.
  • The participant taking part in the survey must know any of the languages between English and Spanish.
  • The participant participating in the survey must have the registered receipt of their recent purchase from our company.

How to take the Survey?

The survey is designed to make a good relationship between the producer and consumer.

To analyze and assist the service we have prepared a survey where you can leave us with your feedback. Consider these enlisted steps below –

  • Visit the official website of converse to participate, that is – www.Myconversevisit.com
  • The next step is to select the language that is English or Spanish.
  • Enter your store number in the third step.
  • The fourth step is to enter the date and time.
  • Enter the transaction and purchase amount as mentioned in your registered receipt.
  • Click the enter button below and continue with the next steps.
  • The next step is where there will be questions regarding your last visit to the store and your experiences.
  • The questions that you might have to answer while your survey will include questions such as why did you visit the store? The products you wanted to purchase were available at the store or not.
  • There will be other questions that you have to answer like whether you’re satisfied with the service provided or not.
  • There is a question that did you receive/need any help on your visit to our outlet. If the answer is no then proceed with the 6th question or continue with the same associated survey questions.
  • This set of questionnaires also has a question related to the time taken while asking for help in our outlet. Like how time did you invest standing in a queue to get help from our marketers?
  • And the most interesting part of all questions in the questionnaire is whether the cashier informed you about the surveyor or how was their behaviour towards you and did they say thank you at the end of the service.
  • You also are enabled to classify questions and whether signed up for email or not.
  • And the last step where you will be rewarded with a coupon, use in your future purchase from any of our retail stores.
Topic Details
Survey name Converse Consumer feedback survey
URL www.Myconversevisit.com
Prize Coupons and $5 gift card
Receipt validity 7 days
Expiry offer date 60 days after purchase
Survey limit Restricted to 1 person

www.Myconversevisit.com - Converse Consumer Feedback Survey

Benefits and Rewards

The company acknowledges you with exciting benefits and rewards.

  • The person participating in the consumer feedback survey will be rewarded with a coupon after the survey. The coupon can be used for later purchases in any of our outlets.
  • Participants are also rewarded with a $5 gift card.

Eligibility and criteria

There are a few guidelines to be followed by the participants –

  • Legal US residents are allowed to participate.
  • The receipt received by the invitation or by the sponsors is valid only for 7 days.
  • The survey is not eligible for directors, representatives, or any employee.

About Converse Survey

Converse is an American company with a wide range of athletic products and also has a variety of footwear.

The company is designed to manufacture and distribute sneakers, skating shoes, and various other products.

The company became an associate of Nike in 2003.

With a Large range of products, the company is also known for its popularity among big celebrities and quality.

www.Myconversevisit.com - Converse Consumer Feedback Survey


We hope we have provided you with the right direction for the survey. Participate in the survey at – www.Myconversevisit.com and earn exciting vouchers.

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